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Sep 20, 2021

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The Project 

Geisha NFT Project (Generation 1) is series of 100 characters available for auction on NFTb platform. Each geisha has its own unique properties that gonna be presented in the metaverse once technology is ready for this. 

The project aimed to tribute the beauty of Geisha history, style and heritage, in collaboration with leading 3D artists in the industry. Many of them were working for Netflix, Disney, Starbucks, Uber, Microsoft and more.

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The Author

Zoobko is a motion designer obsessed with a blockchain technology and NFT-art. 

"The modern world is an applique of the past. This project stays on the edge of classic Geisha character as we all imagine it, art make-up, modern art and other characters of woman. Warlike woman, puppet-tender, attractively frightening, fascinating, dangerous and majestic. Each Geisha has its own mood, own mission, frozen in a moment."


The Roadmap

September 20, 2021. 14:00 UTC

Launch — 5 Geishas to be minted.

Geishas will be minted in batches. Every day 5 geishas will be minted and putted on sale.

September 24, 2021. 14:00 UTC

Collaborations will find their places in the collection.

We will reserve 8 spots for collaborations in the collection. On September 24 first collaboration will be minted.

Sep 27, 2021. 10:00 UTC


Oct 14, 2021. 12:00 UTC

The last batch of NFTs is minted.

Oct 25, 2021. 14:00 UTC

High quality prints!


BEP-1155 & Metaverse

Announcement soon.

The Collection




I’m Arrogance. My soul is as exquisite as a kanzashi with jewels in my hair. Admire my company, but never dare ask what I’m hiding under my silk kimono.




I’m Greediness. If you ask me what I wish for more than anything in the world, I'll answer simply: I wish for everything.




I’m Dominance. And I don’t see any barriers in my way. In all, my eyes are blackened, so I don't see you either.  




I’m Modesty. Not at all a sign of callousness is my silence. Listen, there is a birdsong, flower sounds, and the hidden light of the moon.




I’m Partiness. Ding, ding. That's my pendants twirling to the tune of the music. And my kimono is brighter than the sunshine.




I’m Youth. And you, with an experienced soul, have you not inked your green years? Wearing up those beautiful white birds that have woven wreaths of love for thee?




I’m Self-awareness. I keep my thoughts as pure as a garden. Everything around me blooms with colors and flowers. Such is the beauty of eternity.




I’m Conversance. I’m everything that happens for the first time. I’m the impression, the flash, your brightest moment. And I will remain in your memory deeply and forever. 




I’m Warlikeness. Like a butterfly effect, just one sweep of Samurai behind my back makes the ground beneath your feet tremble.




I’m Aeriality. Like a feather my soul is light, like a flower petal it is tender. Take flight with me.



№11 • Giveaway

I’m Calmness. My inner world is woven of soft dreams, calm and peaceful, like gentle sea waves. Sweet cherries touch my cheeks. The sakura scent blown by the wind silks down my hair. Feel it.  




I’m Confidence. Wrapped by storks on my kimono I rush to the ravine to see my dream. And I leap without fear into the deep end, it will still be full of flowers for me. 




I’m Friskiness. My lips are in a knot, my eyebrows are up. One, and I winked at you. Two, and I smiled at you. Three… my ribbons got you spinning!




I’m Acting. No need for you to try to read the blackness of my eyes. They are a maelstrom. You stand there, looking at me, lost, trying to make out one of my new faces.




I’m Impartiality. No flattery, no flowers. Weighing the good and the bad, I'll tell you the truth. The voice of my intuition never fails. The scales of justice are entwined in my hair, see?




I’m Coziness. Whether it's snow or heat or rain, I've got your back all over again. So, come over here, and have no fear. Under my wing you will be safe and sound.




I’m Embarrassment. Are you looking at me? I think so, for a few seconds now. Not even a few balls of pearly white powder can hide my shyness. Am I blushing a little?




I’m Audacity. I can even see your thoughts. And I don't like them at all. So hush, hush. My eyes are already burning. And mind you, it's not just my kanzashi in my hair that's sharp!




I’m Conformism. Look of the day? Only an image unchanged through the ages. An ornate kimono, white face, red lips, and shimada. A balance of purity and eroticism.


"Love" x Vlad Drem


I'm Love. At first glance you won’t notice, but the sign on my forehead will tell you my name. I am ruthless, and behind my back there is only darkness. 




I’m Trauma. Nothing gonna hurt you but a strange feeling, a short moment from the far gone past or nearest present. My best friends are flashbacks and triggers. It seems you aren’t into saying my name.




I’m Payback. And since I'm standing on the doorstep jingling my coins, it's your time to take.




I’m Solemnity. [Dramatic drum roll] [Heroic music]. On this celebration day, I consider us fortunate to find a beautiful sky blue colour. Hooray, hooray, ​​hooray!




I’m Outrage. I cannot bear it all! Can' t you see? Then, look at my eyes. They are burning brightly. Burnt out. All that's left are little bits of charcoal. 




I’m Predator. Every part of me hooks you. My voice, my face, even my flowery scent. You can't run away from me! You can' t fight me off. I am made to attract, beckon, and hypnotize. 




I’m Centrism. I hold the axis of your rotation. Don't look beneath your feet, keep your eyes on the bright sun on my face. Fear not, you will not fall.




I’m Charm. We will laugh like children. And we will stay in silence for a long, long time. Holding each other under a gentle, honey-colored gaze. Ah! Gently I’ll bewitch you.




I’m Venerability. Where the tradition lives, there I am. Good wine gains flavor and strength over time, and I acquired mastery, wisdom, and respect. Each of my tiny whitish beads reflects a different kind of art in which I am well versed.




I’m Dolly. See the shadows of my long black eyelashes on my pretty white baby face? I'll blink and the flower petals will go. You will fall in love until I look at you. And the flower buds will bloom again.


"Madame" x Nick Motion


If you will ever be near whorehouse ATTICA, come visit my best pleasure models




I’m Fever. Please, take a few steps toward me. And you will feel the heat of this fire on my face. Thin streams of red threads will surround you with warmth. Just as long as you don't get burned.




I’m Fadedness. Like helicopter blades my kanzashi spin and buzz, making my body levitate. And when I lift up, I don't rush, shiver or move — it's as if I'm putting down roots in the air. Slowing down, slowing down.




I’m Janus. Never ever do I get caught up in an untrue story. I cry with one eye and laugh with the other. Who dares to guess who I really am?




I’m Fear. All of a sudden, I appear in the back corner. Something clouds your attention. Feel the pulsing in your temples? Don’t hide your racing heart from me, I can hear it beating. Rat-tat-tat!




I’m Waiting. When you know there's nothing you can do, that’s really the hardest part. Time goes by so slowly. And the clock on my forehead just says, “Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock”.




I’m Revenge. And I’m here for a reason. Everything you do eventually comes back to you. So think twice before you cross me. My fighting cats are always ready to act. Or you rather prefer a blackish kiss?




I’m Defense. As a mountain I am strong. The symbiosis of strength and resilience of my inner spirit can make the impossible possible and the difficult easy. My katana is my friend, keeps me always safe.




I’m Productivity. Are you running late? Look at the dots around my eyes, they're like a pair of hands and a dial, always helping you do something better with your time.




I’m Primness. The voice of tradition rises from the depths of my soul. A mighty and beautiful voice. I follow it, refined and glorious, carrying a sakura branch to call you to Hanami. Will you come?



№40 • Giveaway

I’m Cussedness. My inner fire is bursting out, feel that flame on my face — Ouch! Okay, if I shut my eyes and cover my ears, I think I might be interested in what you're telling me. But I'm not.


"Madness" x Almaz


The eyes fill with glowing dark light. Where is night, where is day, I don't know, you've made a slow disaster out of me. But I don't want you to worry. Just tell me, Where am I?




I’m Peacefulness. Don't worry, don't run away. Wait outside in the warm sunlight, I'll bring you heaven and love. No dark clouds will walk around with you, ​​I'll paint them with color for you.




I’m Twilight. For me there is just a moment between the sun and the moon. And I come to you in those moments of half-darkness and half-light. You are yet watching me, sighing deeply and waiting for that one fleeting moment.




I’m Balance. Not even a light breeze can wiggle my kanzashi. No emotional swings. Everything is so lovely and calm, for I am living in the moment.




I’m Pain. The flowers pour out the juice of their blossoms. Thou shalt not risk taking this gift of mine. Behind it comes a sudden sharp sensation of the body.




I’m Hope. I will always be by your side. Never will I leave you behind. The fragrance of my bluebell when you breathe it in, will make you see the glow, and even if the light goes out, I am your only way forward.




I’m Attack. Like a shadow I'm chasing you — Boom! — I'm breathing down your neck. Watch out, sweethearts! There's ninja blood in my veins, though I'm wearing pink flowers in my hair.




I’m Drama. Exaggerating my credo. Whatever you say you didn't do, I'll make a big deal out of it. Isn't there something sweetly passionate about contrived misery? Ehh...




I’m Lie. My words are like smoke. They are stronger than your consciousness. I will veil your eyes while your mind falls into a fog of incomprehension.



№50 • Giveaway

I’m Sunrise. With a ray of white, my flowers awaken. And with a bright color they cover the shadows of the night. Look! Sun is rising, it must be nearly dawn… And I am coming to you.


"Authority" x Nael G


It is not wisdom but Authority that makes a law.




I’m Clearness. My all-seeing eye has peered into the very heart of yours. Tell you this, I scan your soul and know your secrets and fears. You'd never pull off hiding from me.




I’m Bitterness. And I’m crying. It hurts. Dare you push me too far into a corner, and the claws of my warm and fuzzy maneki neko will come out.




I’m Faceless. Now I don't know what I am or where I come from. I don't have my own face, I've been looking for mine for a long time, but I can't find it. But I sense your vices. Know that there are some things that money can't buy.




I’m Symbiosis. Passing knowledge and traditions is a rite of passage that can take many forms. It's something to do with the interaction of souls. Before you scroll through, will you talk to me?




I’m Equilibrium. I seem to have the harmony of day and night, light and darkness on my shoulders. There are desperate souls trying to throw the world cup out of balance. But, I won't let it go.




I’m Pretence. They say you can't hide behind a mask. That may be true. But what if the mask is me? A double entity multiplied by the number two in infinity.




I’m Truth. If you're trying to hide behind saying, I'll scatter untrue words in the wind. But if you are pure, I will protect you. For I always win.




I’m Secrecy. We've all got skeletons in our closets. You have secrets too, I know. But no mystery, and I'm so sorry, because that's the wealth I wanted.


"Elegance" x FaeryDesign


Elegance is not a virtue, it is an art. The art of living in full self-realization without sacrificing anything in terms of beauty, composure and royalty is among the highest human forms of expression. It inspires fear, respect, veneration. Elegance is graceful, fascinating but above all it is power.




I’m Denial. Don't let the tender blossoms in my hair fool you, because my favorite word is "No!" Though I think I might not say anything to you at all.Though I feel like I might say nothing to you. Sometimes silence is an answer too. 




I’m Collapse. Nobody loves me.People consider me their biggest failure. But I wouldn't rush to judgments here. After all, in every ending there is a new beginning. Take a closer look at me, I’m giving you the green light to be reborn. 




I’m Risk. Hoist the sails and go. A true warrior must keep her focus on the road. My way is the reddest red. Fear not, I like to glide along the edge. 




I’m Art. Your freedom of thought and expression. I’m the blank canvas, the music, the dance. Your masterpiece, no more, no less. Fshhh! Can you feel the fresh breath of inspiration? Fly with me into the flow of a new art creation.




I’m Gambit. If I have ever called on your name, power of spirit, please come to me at least in my dreams. And while you go, I will hide in tears of ink. 




I’m Hazard. Let's play a game! Come on! Look, my maneki-neko is waving his little paw, inviting you. Say yes! 




I’m Maturity. A baby soul grew into an adult with a responsible heart. I’ve got my feet on the ground, yet know how to get flowers of my dreams. 

I’m Maturity. A baby soul grew into an adult with a responsible heart. I’ve got my feet on the ground, yet know how to get flowers of my dreams.




I’m Breakup. One day you faded out into the crowd. I didn't understand what happened then and I don't understand it now. Those beautiful flowers you gave me, I can't forget them. As if their image haunts me.  




I’m Promise. When you need something, you want to hear from me that everything will be the way you want it. Words come easily, and when they do, I keep my word. 


"Trickster" x RaccoonDesign


Right or wrong, good or bad... I don't care, it doesn't matter to me. Inside my eyes you will see nothing but doubts and uncertainties, dismay and anguish. I will not be there to reassure you, much less discourage you, but whoever catches my eye is brought to the brink of the abyss. Be careful what you whish for.




I’m Furor. It’s you who painted the flame on my face. With a blink of my eyes, the air will go up with fire. Now it’s your time to apologize. But…remember a cracked china can never sound well?




I’m Meanness. It must have been written on my forehead. Ironically, you won’t notice the red sign... until there's no denying and there's no turning back. Maybe you should remember there is something else behind the beautiful flowers.




I’m Hunger. What's in your lunch box? Is it deficiency in energy and impressions, low-knowledge content, or a wealth of varied sounding tunes? So you just find... a remedy that needs no gold, no magic before I come.




I’m Empathy. Seeing the other person at the same time as yourself; not seeing yourself when you see the other. And I feel a sincere and strong interest in you. It's like real magic.




I’m Doubt. Every time I ask myself, is it worth it? And every time I don't have an answer. I have a myriad of reasons why I should do it. The storks whisper them to me. Though I have many reasons why I shouldn't. An evil spirit told me this while sitting on my left shoulder.




I’m Accuracy. I have a quick hand. Well, the red-cheeked Cupid lent me a magic bow. Up in the air, in the middle of nowhere, I’ll be riding through the glen, letting my hair flow in the wind. So you better run faster! Faster than my arrows.




I’m Power. Freed from fears, prejudices and stereotypes. I'm charged, purposeful. My wings carry me with the speed of a hurricane. Woo-hoo! No time to delay, always going forward and not missing anything.




I’m Fantasy. My blurred image makes you lose your sense of reality. Strokes of purple and blue on your horizon. A perfect game of chiaroscuro. Here I am, coming from the depths of your own subconscious.




I’m Privacy. What have I become to you? Utopia... The precious gift you're most afraid of losing. Oh dear friend! No matter when it starts pouring rain, you can always stand under my umbrella.


"Disbalance" x Andrew Veles


I’m Disbalance. My sword is as sharp as the wind on Mount Fuji. I am gathering all the power of my brothers to protect the cities of Japan from the attacks of the barbarians.

Dedicated to the Disbalancer project (DDOS). We are the army. We protect balance.




I'm Mistrustfulness. Either I do not understand, or you do not you expressed quite clearly. My mind got tangled up. Am I so paranoid, or am I wrong? Flutter my red Nihon-buyo...cause with dance I can snap out of my foggy thoughts.




I’m Stubbornness. In my eyes you will read my strength. Someone says, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. So, I'm flying above the sakura blossoms, no one can stop me. 




I’m Artificial. Here I am to show you that I am better than you. On my head is a wreath of gold, not a flower. Take a bite, taste the luxurious life. Even if you don't like the flavor, you will give no sign. You're a part of a fake game.




I’m Attentiveness. Don't you really think I see little of the world? Because I see even the waves behind my back. Every breath you take, every move you make, all my eyes are watching you. 


"Gold Fever"


I’m Gold Fever. It seems I'm burning up… Sword fighting in battlements, sailing the seven seas in a rush for treasure. Come hell or high water, I'll get what I want. 




I’m Darkness. And I am darker than night, and faster than lightning. A black ninja, throwing shuriken, wakes up when the city is long asleep. Watch out darling, the shadow behind you is not always yours.




I’m Desecration. My face is a canvas for vandals in action. There is always a place on my cheeks for new graffiti, drawings, or writings. I’m just wondering, do these messages about me sound true? 


"Self-sufficiency" x jaybah


I was not born to wither but to blossom. I don’t require your opinion. I’m not going to correspond to your standards. I am splendid. Because I’m right just the way I am. I am enough by myself.




I’m Voice. “Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good”. Are there still people who think I'm a guy? You hear me now, those familiar sounds… The noise in your head is Noodle, you’ve heard it before.




I’m Risibility. Let's go to a funny kingdom. Where the king is always joking. And the queen laughs hard and out loud. The Vice. Wanna laugh for five minutes? Ha-ha-ha! 




I’m Fearlessness. Someone says, “Boo!” Not even your dagger frightens me. Rather it excites me, for it shines as beautifully as my golden flowers. No, and I am not afraid of anything.




I’m Indifference. There’s the light. It’s in your eyes, I see something in your eyes. Is it love? Is it hatred? But whatever you're feeling, you can move past it… I don’t care.




I’m Intrigue. What have I hidden behind my veil? Clearly there's more to my secrets... The scarlet sign is a message for you, can you unravel it?


"デジタル・フロンティア" x Adam Bronson


I am a living, thinking entity that was created in the sea of information.




I’m Catcher. And I know how you feel. I really do! For I am a catcher of cards, and you're here looking for a new geisha. Yes, yes, we are made of the same cloth. Now you may have me as a reminder of the rewards that come from perseverance and patience — Catch me if you can!




I’m Explosiveness. Can you feel that sweet smell of gunpowder, powdered with the deafening boom of shotgun blasts? It’s all in me. That invisible label on me says, "Flammable Subject!" so be careful with your Zippo lighter.




I’m Cunning. A wonderful white fox runs through pink curly clouds. Jumping up and down, jumping up and down... slowly landing on my face. One minute — we are a whole one. Two — and I've already fooled you, and you haven't even noticed.




I’m Luckiness. I only show up when you most need me. You will feel this moment, call me and, reaching into your pocket, rummaging in search of your lucky card, you will find me.




I’m Nonconformity. My soul is woven of contradictions. Each part of it, like each stage of the life cycle, destroys the ingrained ideas of the previous one. Whatever you create, I will be able to oppose it. But don't give up, that's the way the world works.




I’m Inspiration. Even if you haven’t heard a note of my voice, the whole world can hardly escape the carnivalism I have birthed. And as my image is already left a monumental trace in art, do you recognize me, my fellow geisha hunter?

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